Join Shannon at the 2017 PFS & Injectables Summit

Shannon will be leading a pre-conference workshop at the next PFS & Injectables Summit in San Diego. On Tuesday, September 26, Shannon will be leading Workshop B on Use-Related Risk Management - Develop a Safe & Usable Medical Device. For more information regarding the PFS & Injectables Summit, visit the event page at and registration is 20% off for being in Shannon's network.

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Informing the Next Generation of Engineers

Shannon Clark’s recent talk at Santa Clara University informed prospective engineers on the importance of human factors and usability testing. Professor Gerardo Noriega’s classroom included the next generation of Santa Clara University bioengineers, as well as a handful of local startups. The audience was lead through how early implementation of human factors in the design process can reduce potential risk and cost through the product’s lifecycle.