Nurses! Pharmacists! Technicians! Patients!

Surgeons! Physicians! Caretakers!

We invite you to participate in a one-time paid Usability Study which simulates use of the product in a realistic setting (such as a home, office, or clinical environment). 

The purpose of these sessions is to evaluate the usability of a medical device, not your individual skills or abilities.

What is a Usability Study? We observe, ask questions and gather feedback from users about their experience; this anonymous information is then used to improve the product.

Disclaimer: A Usability Study is NOT a clinical trial. Participants do NOT use medical products on themselves or others as part of our studies. 


If you have any questions or you are interested in participating in future sessions, please email us at


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Meet the Team


Shannon Clark, Founder & CEO

Over 8 years of experience in medical device human factors engineering, design, risk management, V&V, training development, compliance, and auditing quality systems.


Nandini Gurunathan, Project Lead

Over 5 years of experience in medical device human factors and quality engineering.



Denise Forkey, Project Lead

Over 20 years of experience in medical device human factors engineering, pre-clinical research, quality engineering, testing, and R&D.


Martin Robb

Over 16 years of experience in applied human factors and Ergonomics.



Jenni QuanProject Lead

MS in Human Factors Engineering


Garrett Murray

BS in Biomedical/Medical Engineering